Gresham Road, Staines- footpath widening and 20mph zone (permanent plans)


Gresham Road, Staines- footpath widening and 20mph zone (permanent plans)

What is happening?

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced a £250m emergency funding package to support active travel. Whilst initial temporary measures are being implemented (phase 1), we are now looking ahead to larger scale works which permanently support active travel and enable a bold step change in Surrey for active travel.

Surrey have submitted a bid for a possible £6.75m in this second phase of works.

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About this proposal

Location : The proposed improvements are located on Gresham Road in Staines-upon-Thames, from the mini-roundabout junction with Budebury Road to the T-junction with Kingston Road.

Measure/s to be introduced : The improvements include reducing a section of the existing Gresham Road to one-way traffic only and providing a cycle contra-flow system along the whole length of this section of Gresham Road. The on-carriageway cycle contra-flow system proposed will be segregated from the main carriageway. The proposed scheme also includes for footway widening along the length of the road. Consistent 3m-wide shared footways are also proposed at key locations (where foot and cycle traffic would be higher) along Gresham Road including adjacent to Staines Station and Staines Preparatory School. The proposal also includes for widening of existing crossing facilities to allow both cyclists and pedestrians to cross the carriageway safely.

The image below shows the plans in detail. A copy of this can also be downloaded in the 'Additional Materials'.

Map showing extent of works

Additional materials

Concept Plans for Active Travel schemes (permanent plans)
Concept Plans for Active Travel schemes (permanent plans)

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